October 7, 2019

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So here it is my two Weird Secrets that I use in every aspect of my training to consistently improve and build muscle.

1. Muscle Connection

In order to develop your body it is vital to be able to directly connect with each individual muscle you are exercising.

We have all witnessed guys bouncing there Pecs around in time with music. You may be under the impression that in order to do this you need to have a massive pair of man tits. This is not the case; with practice anyone can tense their Pecs separately and make them dance!

People with this ability are demonstrating the kind of Muscle Connection needed in order to get the maximum from each exercise. Being able to focus your mind on an individual muscle and maintain tension on that muscle throughout an exercise is the key to making MASSIVE gains.

I have developed a technique whereby I tense target muscles throughout the day in order to allow my brain to be able to isolate specific muscles within my body during exercise.

Let’s say for example Monday night I will be doing a chest workout, all day Monday I will continue to tense and relax my chest muscles in order to build that Muscle Connection and Focus my concentration on exercises when I do eventually workout.

The Flexing of specific muscles can be done at anytime throughout the day, even while sat at your desk working. You should develop this technique for every muscle you plan to develop.

2. Muscle Contraction

To get the maximum from any given exercise you need to make each rep work the muscle for the longest amount of time possible. In order to achieve this I aim to tense my muscle solid for the duration of the exercise.

I will use the standard Bicep Curl as an example to explain this.

When carrying out the Bicep Curl movement it is normal for people to relax in the start position with the Dumbbell down by hanging down by your side.

As you attempt to curl the Dumbbell, in a Semi Circular movement, up to the peak position your Bicep muscle is under stress. At the peak people generally rest a moment then return the Dumbbell to the start position.

When I carry out the Bicep Curl, in the start position I am already tensing my Bicep to its maximum possible contraction in that position. As I curl the Dumbbell upwards I am almost fighting with it to keep my Bicep completely tense throughout. At the peak of the movement my Bicep is fully contracted. I hold the peak contraction for a moment before returning to the start position whilst keeping my Bicep under maximum contraction throughout.

Do not rest at the bottom of the movement, keep the Bicep under contraction and repeat for the desired number of reps.

A muscle is only developing for the instances when it is under maximum load, by keep the contraction 100% throughout the movement you are increasing the length of time the muscle is under load therefore increasing the muscles total development. If we think about this for a moment, a standard bicep curl your Bicep is under Maximum load for maybe 3 seconds before it gets a rest. My method your Bicep is under maximum load for maybe 60 seconds before rest.

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